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Jones hopes to lead East

August 19, 2013
By JOHN VARGO - Tribune Chronicle ( , Underthelights

YOUNGSTOWN - Jawaun Jones didn't get his chance last year.

With almost 30 seniors on the East High School football roster, he was seen as more as an afterthought.

The 6-foot, 185-pound senior wide receiver doesn't want his mojo to be lost this season. He felt he was ignored by last year's staff.

"I wanted to play a lot, but the coaches last year didn't put me in," Jones said.

First-year coach P.J. Mays sees the quality of his senior receiver.

"He's been the complete package since I've been here," Mays said. "Athletic-wise, he's top notch. He would be top notch at anyone's team. Academically, he's a 3.2 GPA.

"Some of the leadership he brings to the team, we really like how he's coming around. The team kind of follows the way that he goes. Whatever way that he leads, that's the way the team approaches."

Jones said he did the offseason workouts, which helped his game.

"Went to a few camps, worked on my footwork. In my spare time, I ran routes and stuff," he said.

Mays is impressed with Jones' skill set.

"His strength and his speed, it's been pretty remarkable," Mays said. "We'll watch him. When he's running routes properly, when he's breaking, when he's being real efficient in his route running, he seems to be wide open very often. We're looking for a lot of big things out of him."

Jones said it doesn't matter who is the East quarterback - Brandon Jackson or Bobby Jefferson. He said he has faith in both.

"It's all on the quarterback. Throw me the ball and I'll catch it," Jones said. "I'm comfortable with both of them."

But don't get the wrong idea about Jones, he's not a diva like many NFL wide receivers. He and his East teammates are well grounded. Jones said Mays makes sure of that.

"He makes sure we're doing what we got to do," Jones said. "He don't play around with us. He makes sure we're on top of our stuff, not slacking or nothing."

Mays, on the other hand, hopes Jones will get it done this season and land himself a college scholarship.

"Because of the 29 seniors last year, he didn't get a lot of balls thrown his direction," Mays said. "This will be a breakout year for him. Hopefully we'll have a great Wednesday, the first Wednesday in February for him to get some offers."


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