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Krych grinds it out for Southeast

August 14, 2013
By KAYLA HANUSCHAK - Tribune Chronicle correspondent ( , Underthelights

PALMYRA - Southeast's quarterback, senior Jordan Krych, did not want to start off last season with an injury, but that is exactly what happened.

"It was the first game of the year against Newton Falls at home and I was running up the middle and a kid came from out of nowhere and he hit me," Krych said. "I had previously injured my left ankle in AAU basketball the spring before so it was already a little tender. I had a brace on with it, but he just got it to where I fell awkwardly on it and re-injured it again. It was a high ankle sprain."

This did not hold Krych back from playing the rest of his junior season, though. After missing Week 2, he came back to finish the last eight games of the season - helping his team finish up the season 7-3.

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Jordan Krych

"We have pretty good trainers and I was in there every day with her doing exercises on the ball and with the band," Krych said. "(My trainers) would stem my ankle which really helped. We would go outside and slowly I was getting back into the groove of things. I was back by Week 3."

His coach, Scott Pollock, knows exactly what he has when it comes to Krych's abilities.

"He's a senior quarterback, good athlete," Pollock said. "He also plays basketball and baseball. He is a good student and a good kid. He has developed pretty good over the past couple of years. Last year he did all of the quarterbacking except for when he was injured. He's a good, athletic kid, understands the game and he's a good leader.

"He really understands our offense and what we want to do most of the time. He knows what we are going to run before we even call it. So I think that he has a really good understanding of the things we do."

The Pirates have a young team this year, but Krych has confidence in his team and does not think that will influence them.

"The first game we are going to have a couple of jitters," Krych said. "I was like that last year as a junior. I was a little nervous and I think it is going to be the same for this year. We have three junior linemen which are probably going to be spotting it in to start. Our backfield isn't the most experienced with coming in and starting right away, but they've played before. I think that we will be able to handle ourselves pretty well out there. Everyone is looking really good right now. As of right now, we are playing pretty well together and meshing. I think we are going to turn out very well."

Last year, the Pirates lost a pair of games early that Pollock and his team feels like they could have won. Then, in Week 9, they lost to Mogadore, 30-19, which lost them the league title. This year, both Pollock and Krych set out to make the changes needed to win the conference title and move on in the playoffs.

"We have Mogadore in our league and they are always tough," Krych said. "It's always hard to beat them. We have a couple other good teams that really can push us, and give us a good game. I think that if we play to our capabilities, the only team that can beat us is us. We're going to have some good games this year that's for sure."

With a team with so many question marks, Krych will have to step up not only his game, but also his patience to be able to teach the less experienced players. Both Krych and Pollock have such positive outlooks for this team. Krych will go into this season, not only as the leader of the team, but also as his final time as a Southeast Pirate.

"We expect him to be a leader and do the things that he can do on the field," Pollock said. "He will probably have to play a little bit both ways for us. We just expect him to be a leader. He is a captain and he will do a lot for us."