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Versitile Farmwald can do it all for Huskies

August 12, 2011
By BOB ETTINGER - Tribune Chronicle correspondent ( , Underthelights

Jon Farmwald has a place on the Cardinal football team. There's no debate about that. However, just where that place will be is still up in the air.

The Huskies have a number of positions that need to be filled. And Farmwald is a candidate for all of them. If things fall just right, he will be Cardinal's quarterback. But he is also a leading contender to be the team's fullback. He could also be a lineman.

So coach Eric Cardinal has Farmwald learning the playbook from nearly every perspective in an attempt to determine just where the junior will find a home.

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"It's tough, but I've got to do it," Farmwald said. "A bunch of positions could need filled at any moment, like last year, and coach thought I could do it. So I've been learning plays at every position. Right now, it's a toss up (where I'll be playing), but for sure, I'll be out there."

In some ways, Farmwald enjoys the process of learning all the different positions on the offense, though it isn't easy.

"It's nice, the way it sounds, but actually, it's tough," Farmwald said. "Everyone looks up to you if a position needs filled. You need to be ready to go in at a moment's notice. It's tough. You have to be ready to go in at a different position at any time. There's a lot of pressure on you, but I like to be the go-to guy."

The advantage Farmwald gives Cardinal is that he will be a kind of coach in the offensive huddle.

"Knowing all the different positions, if somebody doesn't know their assignment, I can tell them what to do off the top of my head. It helps to have someone in the huddle who can help all the other positions. I can show them what to do and help pick them up."

The leadership role is one that may well come naturally to Farmwald, who, along with several teammates, decided to take a leadership role with the Huskies as far back as last winter.

"Last year, a bunch of players got injured and a bunch of us got called up without any notice to be regulars on the varsity," Farmwald said. "Since we were regulars last season, we thought we'd have to run the team as juniors. We thought we'd have to be role models and try to get the guys in the weight room and set an example and be leaders."

And so a group of four decided it was time to light a fire under the remainder of the Huskies.

"Tommy (Shirkey), Caleb (Fry), Brandon (Bella) and I were in the weight room since lifting started (in the offseason)," Farmwald said. "Nobody else was really in there. We knew if we wanted to be a good team, we had to have more guys in the weight room. We all talked about it and called a team meeting. We told the guys if we wanted to be a good team, we had to have everybody in the weight room getting stronger."

Because of the role they've taken upon their own shoulders, Farmwald and Shirkey were named co-captains along with the three seniors returning to the Huskies from last season's team.

"It's a big deal," Farmwald said. "I get to be a leader two years in a row. I get to come back and this is still my team. It will help me next year as a leader. It's a big role to be a captain as a junior and I'm sure it's a lot of responsibility, too."